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10cm Restaurant

Site: Paris, France

Date: 2015. 09.

Collaborator: Teng Xing

Awards: First Prize

Publication: Bustler, E-Architect


10cm restaurant is a rethinking of relationship between human, dining table & water. The topic of competition is not only about a restaurant, and not even only about architecture, it should be something broader, which will relate to the culture of city, also related to Teng’s experience in Paris. When Teng was in Paris for internship, he was impressed by the flood of Seine. The urban fabric totally changed during flooding period, streets under flooding line disappeared. We started to think about how to take advantage of flooding and inverted the flooding from a nightmare into a festival that we can celebrate.


Dining on Boat

The restaurants on the boat also inspired us to redefine the idea of eating with the water, by the water. In this special architecture prototype, the relationship between restaurant and water become more intimate than any other building types by the water. Perhaps, we can achieve similar goal with a permanent building.



The building cantilevers on the boundary between ground and Seine, in this way, we could bring the water in, let it become the part of building. Water plays the landscape role in most cases, however in one special moment it could the architectural element of building, which is slab. The way we achieve this moment is by dropping the cantilevered curtain wall by 10 cm. The introduction of sliding doors and up swing doors also emphasize our idea of bringing nature into our restaurant.



We also designed a special table, that guests can interact with the plan of it. In most cases, people can sit along the whole parameter of table, again when water comes in, guests will and can only sit on the rectangular edges of table, maybe dip the feet into water during dining, so the dining table become an element by which people can interact with nature. To achieve this we suspend the whole piece of table to avoid any interference with ground. Furthermore, the waves reflect on the ceiling, also becomes part of dining experience.

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