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Site: Barcelona, Spain.

Date: 2016. 02.

Collaborator: Nan Lei

In 1929, the artwork “fear of columns” was constructed in response to the gigantic impact of the Barcelona Pavilion’s occurrence in modern architecture history. The ionic columns started to “feel” horror and nervous due to the destructiveness of the column’s meaning in Miesian architecture. In Miesian architecture, “column” as an isolated object was defined by its own functionality, to support the ceiling and anchor the ground. The original formal meaning in classical columns disappeared. After decades, modern movement and modern architecture have become another legacy, same as the great Greece and Roman eras. The cross column in Miesian architecture is regarded as the representative of that glorious period.

The new creation of eight columns aims at building up the the conversation between classical ionic column and Miesian cross column. The draping surface of the circulated curtain represents the symbol of classical columns, while there is a cross steel column inside supporting the curtain. By revealing the reality behind the surface, it attempts to articulate the new icon of classic in the point of view from the contemporary era.

When you get into the classical “surface” which might be your first time to walk into a column, you will see the Miesian cross column standing straight to the top. At that moment, with the wind whispering, you will be involved into the context of history, the evolution of architecture, the evolution of human beings.

The new installation is easily constructed and assembled. The element of the installation is the cross column, the  basis which supports the column, the steel circulate ring linking to the top of the column, the translucent curtain. The installation aims at using the simplest and the most contradict material(steel and curtain) to create the special physical experience and the meaning of metaphor. 

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