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Mirage 3

Mumbai Housing Competition

Site: Mumbai, India

Date: 2018. 05.

Collaborator: Teng Xing, Nan Lei

3m, is the common module we pick for both the poor and the rich. The two 3m “veil” overlap with each other in the sky of Mumbai, revealing two kinds of living conditions.

The design is revealing current Mumbai reality, the social problem resulting from the gap between rich and poor impacts the land use in an invisible way. Instead of trying to close the gap with architectural solution, we choose to leverage the potential of the site, showcasing the urban problem in a perceivable way, creating a mixed housing prototype only belongs to Mumbai.

The coexistence of slum and skyscrapers, the rising of luxury condo and lack of public infrastructure push the conflicts to the climax. The project creates two wonders - the human life on the sky, and the city refracts beyond the life. 

There are three walls, one for luxury condo, one for social housing, the third one for public use. The architecture creates a frame and order, without emphasizing the how we merge two groups.

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