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Central Park Pavilion

Site: Central Park, New York.

Date: 2016. 02.

Collaborator: Nan Lei

According to the documents, there are twenty arches & bridges distributed in the Central Park. The site is located in the elegant bay on the north of the reservoir, with a great view facing Manhattan skyline. The pavilion recalls people’s memory of old central park arches and bridges, while provides brand new modern experience for multi-functional activities – Waterfront movie, runway show, contemporary sculpture exhibition, etc.


The form comes from traces of revolving arch bridge. The simple “movement” of the arch bridge leads people to enjoy the city 360 degree in different heights, which remind us of Carousel. Architecturally speaking, we try to explore the relationship between formal operation and spatial organization, between the synchronicity and diachronicity in architecture.


The contrast between the concrete basis and soft curtains as well as the light steel roof provides the dynamic tension between nature, architecture and human beings.


The new pavilion will become a sparkling pearl on the reservoir in Central Park.

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