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Extension Part as Context Printer

Due to the urban expansion, the village was broken by 55m city road. My proposal is to reconnect the two broken half of village to gain more areas for increasing floating population. Under the 12m height control, I build 3 floors over the road in this restricted area: 1st floor texture is more related to modern grid of village, 3rd floor traces the old sign of village, while the 2nd floor as an intersection area, responding both the two different period. The hybrid texture of extension witnesses the ongoing growth of urban context. 

Learn From Informal Living Studio

Critic: Xiaoqing Cheng, Sijin Yin, Xiaoxi Cheng

Site: Shuimo Village, Beijing, China

Area: 16254 sqm

Date: 2012.8-12, Tsinghua

Individual Work


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