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One Curtain Plaza

Site: Queens, New York.

Date: 2016. 01.

Collaborator: Nan Lei



This year’s theme is about education. We are thinking about what kind of learning atmosphere children will like. We think best education space is like a home, maybe we can use curtain element to create the feeling of home. Instead of using walls to create spatial division, soft and transparent curtain will be the best choice for partition system. And spiral track enables the curtain to be pulled to different location. 




There are two main parts of construction in this project: the timber structure and the curtain system. For the timber structure, including timber frames and timber panels, the main material is pressure-treated lumber. The module size of the timber frame is 4inch * 6inch * 96inch. The size of the timber flooring is 4ft * 8ft * 1/2inch. The material cost of lumber is around 5500 dollars. Most of the joints are mortise-tenon connection. And the joist hangers will be used in some delicate parts for reinforcement. The metal material will cost 1000 dollars. For the curtain system, the cost of 200ft curtain track will be 750 dollars. And the linen curtain fabric with the size of 1500 square feet will cost 2100 dollars. The total hard cost of the project will be around 9350 dollars.

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