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Pinocchio Library

Site: Collodi, Italy.

Date: 2017. 12.

Collaborator: Teng Xing, Nan Lei


It all started from our childhood memory. 

We liked to hide in the closet,

we liked to play games under the desk,

we liked to sleep in the tent built in the living room even we had our own bedroom.

The sense of scale was much more intimate when we were young.  

We start to think what if we create a space only for children scale in the library? That comes up with a 1.5m high children’s corridor with open bookshelves on both sides. 


Paths & Kingdoms

Instead of designing a 4000 square meter concentrated space, we make library happen everywhere -  1.5m library paths connecting all kingdoms – auditorium kingdom, reading kingdom, media kingdom. Those “large scale spaces”(compare to 1.5m library corridor) also come with “huge sculptures” from fairy tales characters. In urban design scale, the paths also act as bridges connecting two existing old buildings.



Wondering through paths, children will be asking where’s our Pinocchio? We created a large snow globe like space for Pinocchio sculpture, the weather in this kingdom will change with latest 3d projection technology. Children will experience 4 seasons of Pinocchio life during their visit to the library.

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