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Baltic Way Memorial

Site: Riga, Latvia

Date: 2015. 12.

Collaborator: Nan Lei

In 1989, the Baltic Way movement consisted of two million people, forming a six hundred kilometer human chain stretching from Tallinn to Vilnius, which called for the freedom by nonviolent protest. Its power is tremendous and of profound meaning. 


The Baltic ay memorial proposal is attempted through a subtle architectural gesture in the site, to metaphysically  represent this historical moment. 0.0006 degree, the slight angle of inclination between two long stagger mirror walls, creates a six hundred kilometer multi-mirroring circular space.


 When a person touches both of the mirror walls, the individuality together with the extending six hundred kilometer imagery symbolizes the narrative of this protest act. At that moment, it leads to the totality of the meaning of the memorial.

Chapter I Individual


The history of Baltic States will be carved at the end of every tilted tread, broken mirrors symbols the separated status of the country.


Chapter II Infinity


People will feel the power through touch the both side of the mirror, thousands of individuals are connected, so did the people of Baltic States.


Chapter III Integrity


Broken mirrors transferred to fine pieces, the semicircle finish its whole loop through mirroring. Everything will be fine.

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