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Light Yard Hotel

Site: Syracuse, Murro di Porco, Italy.

Date: 2016. 02.

Collaborator: Nan Lei

Light house, rock and sea are the elements in the site. how to integrate all of these elements to become a totality in architectural way. Here we give our spatial solution.  

This project aims at using a simple architectural gesture, reorganizing the existing site, giving it new energy as a light yard hotel.

The new adding volumes, with the existing construction on the site are integrated by the hierarchy of courtyards, under a consistent roof. the spatial organization of the new volume has three rounds. The inner core is the roof pool and the outside round is the area of guest rooms. In-between, there is an art gallery space.

The roof pool in the center provides a special experience for guests to perceive the aura of the site, lighthouse, sky and sea. And it also creates a unique lighting environment on the ground floor because of the reflection of the water.

All of the guest rooms have a directly open view to the seascape, while they also have their individual inner courtyards. In the inner courtyard, guest can access to the roof pool to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

In terms of the climatic  condition in Sicily, except for the guest rooms and service rooms as the enclosed space, all public space is semi-open space which has a very natural micro air condition.

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